It was my school that we have firstly buckled down to the teaching with computers into all highschools throughout the Kumamoto Prefecture.

When I think of it now, I'll be able to say that we had just foresight.

Let's introduce the process of it,in brief,which we've done it here.

1969(the 44th year of Showa)

Our staff began to study and train with a computer.

And then,started to attend a correspondence course of referring to a computer by a certain publishing company.

1970(the 45th year of Showa)

  1. The announcement of a curriculum referring to "The Computer Course". In addition to old "The Commercial Course", "The Computer Course" was newly-established. We started to put in the applicant for students next year.
  2. General Purpose Computer "FACOM230-10" (Fujitsu) was newly introduced into my school.
    Main Storage Capacity---------8KB
    Auxiliary Storage Capacity----65KB
    Storage Medium----------------paper tape

1971(the 46th year of Showa)

  1. "The Computer Course" was about to start. Establishment of new subject as a part of commemoration project in the 30th anniversary of the founding of my school.
  2. Data processing of the entrance exams. We firstly used FACOM230-10.

1984(the 59th year of Showa)

Medium Purpose Computer "FACOM-M130F" (Fujitsu) was newly introduced into my school. It was a new computer.

In comparison with the paper-tape, an efficiency of this computer training became good.


1989(the 1st year of Heisei)

We began to consider whether we should introduce some personal computers or not.

1990(the 2nd year of Heisei)

  1. The formation of a Computer Project Team.
  2. Computer was established in the teacher's room, so that all staff could make use of it freely. One Work-station

    Four Personal Computers

  3. Established a room of personal computer data communication in the corner of the Sougou-Jissen-Shitsu (the name of room for simulation).
  4. The first works for a room of personal computer were finished. Work-Station, LAN-System and PC-Semi were newly introduced into my school.
  5. We started the class using Work-Station and LAN-System, abreast of General Purpose Computer.
work-station room of personal computer
data communication

1991(the 3rd year of Heisei)

Computer Network System was completed as a commemoration project in the 50th anniversary of the founding of my school.

  1. The second works for a room of personal computer was finished. Increase of work-station and some personal computers.
  2. The laboratory of personal computer was established. Work-Station and personal computer were introduced.
  3. room of personal computer for teachers was established. Four personal computers.
  4. We opened the host station of personal computer data communication.
  5. We processed the entrance exams. We began to process work-station as a host computer.
  6. My school's LAN-system was introduced.
picture of network-system

by Ether-net

1992(the 4th year of Heisei)

[Bulletin of this study]:publication

"Making efficient use of Computer into my school"(The first book)

(A book in three parts-compilation)

*These are three books which was compiled and looked back on the history of computer education from 1969 to this day.


(The first book)

(A book in three parts-compilation)

1993(the 5th year of Heisei)

  1. The meeting for reading research papers of computer education was held. Promotion: My school

    Assistance: Kumamoto prefecture and Kumamoto City

    Content: *About the history of computer education from 1969 to this day.

    *About the development of new system in case of introduction of computer

    Participant: There were one hundred participants in the meeting from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

  2. The expedition to the North Pole Captain: Toshifumi Kinoshita,Principal of my school Member: 10 students

    These members succeeded in exchanging with e-mail(by Japanese) in between our school and the North Pole area.

North Pole North Pole

1994(the 6th year of Heisei)

Sep.20th The 100-School Networking Project

-By the Ministry of International Trade and Industry/the Ministry of Education-

My school sent in an application for participation to the M.I.T.I and M.E.

Dec.12th It was selected by them and we have noticed that my school and 49 highschools throughout Japan will be able to participate in the endeavor as B-group.

1995(the 7th year of Heisei)

  1. The room of second personal computer was completed. 62 personal computers that have Windows95 an on-board was introduced.

    We found it possible to use these personal computers as the crient personal computer of Internet.

    room of second
  2. The room of personal computer for teachers:Increase of personal computer. 2 personal computers that have Windows95.
  3. New Sougou-Jissen-Shitsu(the name of room for simulation) was completed. We came to grips with a unique practical education.

    This room has the space of 2.5 times of an ordinary class-room, and then personal computer network-system was introduced.

Sougou-jissen-Shitsu Management room

1996(the 8th year of Heisei)

I'll tell you, "Here are two big features of my school education "that we are going to come a grips just now.